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We have always been committed to a policy of protecting the local environment by using good environmental practice in all our activities and through our membership of the Green Tourism Business Scheme we are seeking to quantify our role to act responsibly to ensure the preservation of the natural beauty of not only our site but in the long term the sustainability of the environment we reside.

Improvements & initiatives for the Future.

We have achieved for our present environmental practices a Silver award through the Green Tourism Business Scheme; our aim now is to set our sights on Gold.

They include

Endeavour to influence our guests to minimize car use by promoting national and local public transport, local walking & cycling options

Review & improve our links with local & local organic food producers to enable them to supply our guests & highlight their availability to our guests.

Improving our waste management and recycling facilities by encouraging the principle glass, paper, plastics, metal & compost recycling amongst our guests

Put our meadow adjacent to our site into the countryside stewardship scheme.

Set up a scheme whereby each time our coin operated washing machine or tumble dryer is used a small contribution on behalf of the guests is given to a nominated charity that care for the countryside.

Replacement of the remaining lower efficiency gas central boilers with more efficient models at the earliest opportunity

Replaced all detergents and cleaning products with eco-friendly equivalents

Using recycled paper for all our printed material.

Manage central heating responsibly by use of efficiently set programmers and

turning radiators off in unused rooms.

Using low temperature dishwasher and washing machine programs.

Green Tourism Business Scheme Website:  www.green-business.co.uk

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